• Universal Diameter UD-100

Your measuring task

Please send us your measuring problem with a technical workpiece drawing and with the permissible locating points of the product. We are pleased to offer you without engagement for you up to your actual concrete measuring task a customized simultaneous measuring device.

HMV-Präzision hold on for you engineering, design, fabrication, maintenance and service out of first-hand and one source - beginning by the first planning of the measuring scheme until the hand-over of the measuring device with the proof of gauge capability - for workpieces whether round or cubical, flat or contoured whether straight, cranked or otherwise shaped whether cylindrical, conical or globular for inside and outside or paired etc..

  • Messvorrichtung, sonder


Your advantage

  • Easy treatment of complex measuring task of a series fabrication.
  • A lot of features will be checked by one quick measurement.
  • Suitable for inspection and control of production by the operator staff himself.
  • Improvment of automatic potential step-by-step.
  • All by one (1) hand HMV-Präzision.