Anzeigesaeule pneumatische Laengenmessung

Pneumatic column indicator - PCI

Based on the rate of flow the measured value will be read by the float in the glasstube in reference to the spreaded upper and lower limit of a tolerance of fit. Available in different glasstube amplification for the optimal indication of the required measuring range.

Durchflussmessverfahren nach DIN 2271 ff

rate of flow method of measurement acc. DIN 2271 ff

PE-Wandler PE-converter


With the PE-converter the pneumatic value P will be changed into an electrical value E available with an indirect conversion based on the impact pressure by a conventional inductive pencil probe with 8mm-shaft-clamp or with a direct conversion based on the difference pressure by a piezoelectrical component. In accordance with the conversion the electrical value is able to treat by indicator and evaluation systems which are usual in trade.

Staudruckmessverfahren nach DIN 2271 ff

impact pressure method of measurement acc. DIN 2271 ff