Duesenmessdorn 2-stufig

Setting and reference calibres

For periodical calibration of the measuring unit and for spreading out of the pneumatic measuring range you need setting calibres as standardized like DIN-2250 or as specialized in accordance with the measuring task. We are pleased to complete your linear airjet gauging station with these setting master pieces including inspection certificate according DIN-ISO-9000ff.

In the same way reference calibres and peg out calibres  are available according DIN or customized features.


Tischmessvorrichtung pneumatische Laengenmessung


Your measuring and gauging task

To elaborate a free offer without engagement for you up to your measuring or gauging task we need the corresponding target of your workpiece with regard to nominal size of the feature, allowed tolerance, shape and positional tolerance, surface quality and material. Or you send us the technical drawing of the workpiece simply in which you will marked the features for recording. We  promise you the confidential treatment of these datas already now.

Duesenmessdorn pneumatische Laengenmessung

Your advantage

Contactless measuring of delicate surface of fit.

Quick and sure linear measurement in the scope of micrometer even for several measuring planes simultanious too.

Suitable for inspection and control by the operator staff himself during the running production process.

Enabled a low-costed SPC-evaluation.

All by one (1) hand for price of manufacturer HMV-Präzison.