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Federal Republic of Germany



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Commercial register:

Amtsgericht Mönchengladbach HRB 7216


Thomas Plehn, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.


USt-ID.Nr. /VAT-ID-no.:

DE 813 727 652


121 / 5730 / 4931

Zoll-Nr. (ATLAS):


Object of the company:

Object of the company is the development and manufacture of precision mechanics for automation of production and for quality assurance, especially the designing and fabrication of mechanical, pneumatic (airjet gauging) and elektronic linear messuring equipment and automatic devices as well as trading with data processing computers and its accessories by this context, further more consultation and service in the domain of quality assurance and of automation of production.

disclaimer of liability / proviso to general rights of privacy:

HMV GmbH - saying author following - dispose this website for your use freely. If you use this website and its contained informations with that you have accepted the following proviso of use already. Else please leave this website immediately and make no use of its informations.

1. disclaimer of liability in substance of the website

All information on our website is collected to the best of one's knowledge and does not make a claim for topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the available informations and downloads as well as its suitability. That apply especially to outside certificates of audits in regard of topicality quoted here. Every particular declaration is binding legally not before its confirmed in writing by the author via quotation or confirmation of order. Any liability and claims for damages either material or ideal is impossible against the author definitely especially in case of personal injury, economic or indirekt loss, operating stoppage or loss of data in occasion of use or not use of the available, incorrect and/or incomplette informations and downloads unless it is able to prove intentional culpability by the author. Alle information are without engagement and without obligation.

The author reserve explicit the right to change, to add or to delete total or shares of the website or to stop the publication temporary or finaly without any announcement.

2. cross-references and links

The author don´t take over any liability for the substance of external links instead of our accurate inspection in its contents. Only the management of the website in each case linked up is responsible for its substance. For that the author reject in every substances by all linked up websites herewith emphatically. This declaration is effective for all links and cross-references placed inside of the feasibility by our webside as well as for all external records in visitors´books, at panels of discussions and by mailing lists which are installed by the author. Only the proprietress/-tor of the particular offered information which have been linked up is liable for its illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and above all for damages, that are caused by utilization or non-utilization of such kind of performed informations. In this context the author is not liable because it´s refered merely by linking up to the particular, external publication.

3. copyrights and protection of trade-mark

The author is trying one´s best by every publication to take care about the copyrights of the used graphic layouts or records in letterpress, sounds and videos and to select as it´s possibly graphic layouts or records in letterpress, sounds and videos which are maked by the author on its own or which are free of licence.

Every trade-mark and brand-mark in occasion of the claims by third parties which are mentioned in this website here are subjected completely to its obtaining appointments of the effective law of brand-mark and to the claims of its particular registered owner. By mentioning the trade-name simply don´t draw the conclusion that these trade-marks or brand-marks are not protected by claims of third parties.

These trade-marks and brand-marks of third parties will be used in this website merely to point to the owner of these claims of mark and its products. This utilization of trade-names shall not indicat that between HMV and our products on one hand and to the owner of claims of trade as well as to some of its products at other hand exist any relationship. Also it´s not indicat that HMV-products will be recommended by this owner of claims of trade.

The copyrights about published substances which are made by the author on its own are the exclusive property of the author of this website. It´s prohibited to use or to reproduce such graphic layouts or records in letterpress, sounds and videos by other electronical or printed publications without a positve, written approval by the author.

4. proviso to general rights of privacy

If an entry of private or commercial datas (contact of e-mail, name, address, etc.) is practicable on this website, then these informations are given by one´s own free will of the user explicitly. The utilization and payment of all kinds of here offered sevices is feasible without such interrogated datas respectively by use of anonymous datas or of a pseudonym so far as it´s possible and reasonable legally. If we call up for entry of private or commercial datas, then only such information will be requested, which are needed in fact and will be used for the declared or obvious application of its collecting (for exemple to send you a brochure or informations asked for).

Every private or commercial information which we collect is able to transmit inside of the national and international HMV-group. But in no case your coherent informations will transmitted to other third parties without your positve approval. Every information sent to us - which take relation to indentifiable person and its technical, commercial or business informations or similar datas - will be treating inside of the HMV-group confidentially regardless whether they have been marked as such. Within the feasibility which are usual in trade we are installed according to our free option organizational and technical hard-ware as well as soft-ware tools to protect your and our datas against abuse.

However for our own characterization and advertising purpose we take the liberty to put either names of our customers neutral up to the technical tasks or technical tasks of the author neutral up to the customer´s name in our website or in other media of publicity. If a customer will not appear in our list of recommendation so we will remove its name out of this list by explicit request of this customer. The technical result of a task remain the copyright respectively the intellectual property and utility of the author regardless of the supplies to the customer.

We collect and analyse particular informations (cookies) about the visitors of our website. We use these datas strictly confidential to enlarge and to improve the service and the security of our website.

5. efficacy in law of these disclaimers of liability

The contents of this website and its proviso of use are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
These disclaimers of liability are a part of the website from where it was linking up on this site here. If shares or particular definitions of this wording shall not be in accordance with the law in force by subjectmatters, topicality or completeness then the remaining shares of this document will not be affected by that in its contents and its validity.